Breaker EP

by Breaker

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Recorded at EL Studio By Tyler Hookanson
Album Art By: Tyler DiPaola

Breaker is:
Dylan Partridge
Nick Partridge
Steven Johnson
Cam Mancini
Mike Heimall

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released December 12, 2010



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Breaker Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Reaching Out
I've been thrown in with the lumpenproletariat by a society that won't carry it. How many more are just like me, a heavy conscience and desire to be free? Just yesterday we marched at the Westin, a minor threat that could be destined to vanguard the popular classes, so afraid to get off their asses. They're afraid of blood, sweat, and tears a loss of property sums up their fears. So afraid to open their eyes, so afraid to get up and try.

This is where we make our stand and this is where we make amends. We're reaching out with our hearts while raising our fists.

I'm so sick of feeling these insecurities, everyday we must choose between our needs. At the Westin, it was food or healthcare, so that this is where we make our stand. It's so easy to talk about our “god given rights,” when it comes to real issues it seems we've missed the fight. We have to learn it's a battle every fucking day, it's the fight for our lives not just for extra pay.

This is where we make our stand and this is where we make amends. We're reaching out with our hearts while raising our fists.
Track Name: Hope
It feels like something's missing and it's been gone for far too long. And I don't think that you'll ever know what it's like to be the missing piece of the puzzle, the departure without a goodbye, the book without an ending. There's a hole inside my heart. I need something more than this world has to offer. And I've had the “luxury” of being torn apart. I just hope this book as an ending. It's all I can do. It's all I ever do. I need something more. Hope.
Track Name: Like Nomads
Maybe if I pointed to the stars one more time this could've been prevented. But my knowledge's fading, the season's changing. I should pray that Orion comes back. “Oh, if I only had your strength to see me through.” Not even my most simple dreams come true. So now I'm standing here under cloudy skies alone, wondering, “Where do I go from here?”

I couldn't have my way so I threw it all away. And now I'm running from myself and just about everybody else to a time when everything had simplicity. A light breeze meant everything. The bright sun meant everything. The stars meant everything.
Track Name: Sandcastles
Get your gun and hit the desert sand, stuck in heart of a foreign land. A poor man's son who wanted opportunity now only has the chance to plea for better days, for his friends to come back. “Who's walking home this time, who will be here tomorrow to cheer me up?” This hits everyone as hard as the sight of a boy with a gun. Friend or foe? A world of difference only knows. The soldiers unconscious dreams were of home. So soon enough he is.

A broken man walks an empty road back home, and he can't seem to figure out this feeling of guilt inside. The Doctor's pill wont make him feel alive, it wasn't worth a five hour wait in line. And every time he closes his eyes another young boy dies. “I can't take this anymore.”

He goes down to the railroad tracks to stare at trains and he laughs,
“It was me or him, sometimes I think I got it wrong. I shouldn’t have pulled the trigger, should have been me that died, because anything is better than living this lie.
So take it all back, I don’t want it anymore, you can have this heart, you can have it all.”
Track Name: Silenced
Bleeding, this nation can't heal it's scars. Students who occupy are put behind bars. All they wanted was their chance, taken away by authorities glance. Who can speak out for me but myself? When profit becomes the motivation and principle drive in our education it becomes the time to stand up, it becomes the time to revolt. When I know our will is strong and I can see what's going wrong it becomes to the time to overthrow, the time for peace has gone.

And I will stand up for what is right and just in this world, above the confines of class structure and hierarchy, because I cannot possibly accept a mold handed down to me by those who've never met me or understand how I function. I am so full of potential, but kept down at the bottom of the barrel and so I struggle to break free.

I will not be silent... I will not give in...